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Pattison Hardman are committed to providing high quality, expert legal cost consulting services.

Bill of Costs

Preparation of Bill of Costs (Solicitor/Client and Party/Party) and objections.

Cost Recovery

Recovery of costs determinations providing an end-to-end service.

Expert Evidence

Preparation of Affidavits in Support of Applications for Security of Costs, Gross Lump Sum Costs Orders and Independent Assessments.

Cost Consultancy

Review of internal cost structures and advice on large scale litigation and Class Actions.

Party Party Costs Assessment

A brief rundown and definition of some of the regular costs orders encountered.

Pattison Hardman was established in 1988 and is the recognised industry leader in legal cost consulting.

Pattison Hardman’s main focus is on quality and timeliness. Our legal costs lawyers and consultants are meticulous in the review of each matter using a thorough quality control process.

Engaging an expert for a specialised task leads to better quality, with no need for rework. Preparation of Affidavits and expert evidence in support of applications for Security of Costs, Gross Lump Sum Costs Orders and Independent Assessors.

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Our Expertise

Pattison Hardman provide high quality, expert legal cost consulting services. With a commitment to supporting our clients, the specialist team at Pattison Hardman provide expert advice within agreed timeframes enabling clients to focus on their core business.

When faced with a client being required to pay costs, it is a relief to know that there is a respected specialist available to review costs issues and to provide expert advice. At Pattison Hardman we stand by our expertise and service commitment with our free advice hotline.

For all your costs consulting requirements the team at Pattison Hardman are able to provide the necessary expertise and support to streamline and increase the accuracy of your time recording. Our experts provide advice on effective fee setting enabling greater return to you and your clients.

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