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Costs disclosure: Top Ten Mistakes

Costs disclosure: Top Ten Mistakes
  1. Is it before or as soon as practicable after instructions?
  2. Is it directed to the right client? Who is liable to pay accounts?
  3. Is description of scope of work to be done right?
  4. Does disclosure comply generally and is it in writing?
  5. Have you disclosed all hourly rates, photocopying rates, facsimile rates?
  6. Is there provision for 6 minute units?
  7. Have you provided for disbursements particularly counsel fees?
  8. Is there a sensible estimate?
  9. Is there an interest clause?
  10. Did you give a copy to the client and have a record? Do you have a copy on file?

Consequences: if disclosure isnít complete you cannot sue on the bill, you cannot recover money until it is assessed, there may be a reduction proportional to the failure to disclose and you have to pay the costs of assessment.