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Pattison Hardman is a recognised leader in providing legal costing services, having developed a wealth of experience from its inception in 1988. It is this history that has developed Pattison Hardman into being one of the most respected legal costs consultant providers in New South Wales.

Bill of Costs

Preparation of Bill of Costs (Solicitor/Client and Party/Party) and objections

Our bills are drawn primarily from your file notes, letters and documents, and cross-referenced with any time costing. Pattison Hardman endeavours to include all claimable attendances and justify individual items with sufficient detail to facilitate settlement and preclude unnecessary objections or reviews.

Costs Recovery

Recovery of costs determinations providing an end-to-end service

The ability to move quickly in respect to recovery of a final cost order in the form of a Certificate of Determination is vital for client relationships and the financial health of any legal practice.

Expert Evidence

Preparation of Affidavits in Support of Applications for Security of Costs, Gross Lump Sum Costs Orders and Independent Assessments.

The team at Pattison Hardman have the expertise to work with you to provide affidavit evidence and reports for:

  • Security for costs applications
  • The reasonableness of costs incurred or claimed
  • Independent assessment of costs orders.

Cost Consultancy

Review of internal cost structures and advice on large scale litigation and Class Actions.

Pattison Hardman has the expertise to work with you to review all aspects of time recording to maximise costs recovery in contentious litigation. This is not only important for dealing with costs issues at the conclusion of a matter but also in respect to legal obligations and client management.

Party Party Costs Assessment

A brief rundown and definition of some of the regular costs orders encountered.

The nomenclature of cost orders is perhaps not as precise as one would hope, and we sometimes encounter matters where the wording of the interlocutory or final cost order is unclear or is open to interpretation.

Our team of experts are equipped to deal with all aspects of legal costing arising from litigation or in costs disputes over legal bills. Our expertise and experience allows us to recognise early what is the best approach for any given situation, whether that be drafting a bill of costs to achieve recovery of your costs, drafting objections to a bill of costs or assisting you in negotiating settlement by the use of one of our expert costs consultants. In our experience such an approach allows the matter to be progressed in a timely manner assisting in the early recovery of costs.

Our expertise is demonstrated by our history in providing expert evidence in applications for security for costs or lump sum costs orders. The expertise of our consultant’s extends to assisting legal practices and businesses with compliance of costs requirements at all stages of a matter resulting in costs savings and efficiencies.

Hotline Advice

Our service offering is not only directed to cost consultancy and the drafting during the costs assessment process but extends to making available an expert on our free telephone hotline who can assist with enquiries about costs issues that you may have from time to time. We also has the unique ability to manage your matter from initial instructions to enforcing any costs determination should the need arise, further allowing you to concentrate on your core business and leaving us to manage the matter with a minimum of disruption to you.

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